Sunday, 8 February 2015

Review | Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow

So recently I decided to purchase the Dipbrow pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills after seeing such a big hype over it online. I have been using it every day now for the past 3 weeks and I honestly just can't praise it enough. In my opinion this is an amazing product especially if your wanting your brows to look natural but also defined. This product has a waxy/creamy consistency which means it moves well on the skin and allows you to  create and build your desired shape. This is great for people with an oily skin type (like me) as it is waterproof and smudge proof, once this product is applied it's not moving! With previous products I've used for my eyebrows I've found they haven't lasted all day and sometimes slighty rub off in areas. Whereas this product has lasted me all day and still looks amazing when I come to take my makeup off at the end of the day.
Picture of me wearing Dipbrow in "Blonde" 

There are eight colours to choose from Auburn, blonde, chocolate, dark brown, ebony, medium brown, soft brown and taupe. I decided to go for the colour blonde, at first I wasn't sure whether to go for this colour as swathes on websites made this out to look very light and yellow but infact is perfect for me and looks much darker in person. 

Although I love this product there is a downside. For the past few days I've noticed that this product is drying up which is making application difficult. I don't know why this is happening as I always make sure the cap is on tight and is never off for long. 

Overall, I'd reccomend anyone to try this. It's perfect for everyone as there's enough to shades to suit anybody. I purchased mine from beauty bay for £15 and I definitely think I would purchase again.