Monday, 1 December 2014

Review | Zoeva Makeup Brushes

I have just recently purchased these Zoeva Makeup brushes from and I could not be happier with them. I hadn't heard of Zoeva before but when I did my research on the brush sets, everyone was praising them on how good they were.

I decided to get the Basic Eye set which included 6 brushes:

- 227 / Luxe soft definer - This brush is great for blending and a great dupe for the Mac 217
- 231 / Luxe Petit Crease 
- 315 / Fine Liner
- 317 / Wing Liner
- 234 / Luxe Smoky Shader 
-322 / Brow Line 

I absolutely love these brushes, the quality is amazing and they are SO soft! They are made from both natural and synthetic hairs, they wash really well and dry relatively quickly and also there is no run away hairs when applying or washing.
This set is a great starter pack for both professionals and people who are only just starting out with make-up, the set includes a great choice of brushes to allow your eye makeup to look beautiful!

The price of this set is £33.50 on 
( & in my opinion, worth every penny!)