Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Review | TanTruth Self Tan Mousse

Hi girls! Being the self tan junkie that I am and always wanting to try out new ones, today I want to talk about one I was recently sent out to review. Before discovering Cocoa Brown Tan a few month back the St Moriz self tan had always been my go-to and I never bothered trying anything else, but then after falling in love with Cocoa Brown, I thought I wouldn't try another self tanner for a while. I was recently contacted by a PR company called Sparkle PR, they kindly got in touch after seeing my blog and asked if I would like to review a self tanner called TanTruth - The Mousse so obviously I said yes!

I had heard of this brand previously but I didn't realise they had brought out a self tanner for people to do at home so I was extremely excited to get my hands on this product! As soon as I got it I immediately tried it and have been using it since so I can give you a honest review about how I got on with it.

In the shower, I exfoliated my skin using the TanTruth body scrub, this was such a fab exfoliator! It left my skin feeling soft, refreshed and smelling gorgeous! Remember, exfoliating is a vital step before applying fake tan so try and invest in a good body scrub, as well as the TanTruth scrub I also really enjoy using the Soap and Glory ones!

The Tan Truth self tan is a lightweight mousse (my favourite). It glided onto my skin nicely and blended out perfectly leaving no patches. I like how this tan has a guide colour as it makes applying super-easy as you can see where you have applied and where you may of missed. As soon as I applied this onto my skin, I noticed the smell straight away. It doesn't have any self tan smell what so ever, infact its quite a pretty floral scent and seems to stay on the skin for a while which is quite nice. After applying the tan all over my body, I was happy to see that it dried pretty quickly and didn't leave me feeling sticky. This tan is enriched with a combination of Vegetan Premium to help maximise the sun-kissed look and Shea Butter and Avocado to leave the skin feeling moisturised. I put the tan on at night and left it until morning to wash off.

After washing the tan off, I was left with a gorgeous golden healthy looking glow. It left me with the sort of colour I would get from going away on holiday. It didn't look streaky nor orange which sold it for me straight away. The week after receiving the self tan I was actually going away for the weekend to Chester Races, so I decided to put this tan on for that event (As seen in the picture below). The photo doesn't really do the tan justice, but I loved the colour it gave me and I even had people asking me "Have you been away?". I have been using this tan since I got it and will definitely be purchasing it myself when I run out.

The tan lasted on my skin for around 8 days until it started to fade. After fading, I again tried out the Tan Truth body scrub which removed the rest of the tan and left me with clean exfoliated skin all ready to apply tan again.

TanTruth - The mousse is available at Salon Services for £12.99 (Link here

I just want to say a thank you to the girls at Sparkle PR for getting in touch and being kind enough to send me these fab products!
Have you tried any products from Tan Truth? & What's your favourite self tan product?

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