Sunday, 17 May 2015

What's in my MUJI drawers? ❤

Hi beauty's, I've been so busy this week hence the lack of posts, so I am sorry about that! I'm back today to show you all what I store in my Muji drawers. I love seeing these sort of posts or watching makeup storage videos on YouTube, probably because I'm so nosey haha! I've had this Muji 3 drawer set for ages now, I love them as I can see clearly what is in them and I also just love how they look. These drawers hold some of my makeup and the rest is in my MALM 6 drawer set from Ikea.

On the top of my Muji drawers, I have an acrylic lipstick holder from Home Sense which holds 12 lipsticks, this contains mostly mac, but I do have some from YSL, Gerard Cosmetics and Milani. I also have a little clear cup which holds random things such as eye primers, eye liners, lip liners and eyelash curlers. My Mac fix + also stays on here as it's just easiest to grab every day to set my face! 

The first two drawers are quite small, but the first one holds some random lip products. Lipsticks, lipglosses, lip balms, lip tints are all stored in here. I love them to be all together so I can just go ahead and have a route through in a morning to see what I want to wear. I tend to reach for the Benefit balms quite a lot for when I don't want anything too fancy as these just moisturise your lips and give you the slightest bit of colour! I also love the Essence lipglosses which I have done a review on (here), They're so affordable but really nice! 

The next drawer contains some eye products, the things in here I don't tend to grab for that much apart from the Dipbrow which I use pretty much every day. This drawer has two Mac palettes (Pink Freeze and Keepsake collection palette in Plum), I have a couple of single eyeshadows, my favourite being the MAC mineralize eyeshadow in the shade "Young Punk". A gorgeous purple/black glittery eyeshadow, which looks fabulous on nights out! There is also some loose pigments in here and my favourite ever product from ABH which is the dipbrow, I use this every day and couldn't imagine using anything else at the minute. 

The last drawer is the one I go into the most, it holds my most used blushes and highlighters. Up until a few months back, blushers were not my thing at all. I owned probably one which hardly ever got used but now I love applying blush! I have some from MUA (Bon Bon), Makeup Revolution (Candy queen of hearts), Milani (Luminoso) and Primark (Coral). My most grabbed for blush in this drawer is definitely the Milani one, I have recently featured a whole post about this so check it out here. I have a few highlighters also in this drawer, Urban Decay (Luminos), The Balm Mary Lou Manizer and MAC mineralize skin finish (Global Glow).

Do you own the Muji drawers? How do you like to store your makeup?


  1. I find posts like this so interesting, love your storage drawers, so cute! xx

    Gemma Louise | Just Little Things

  2. I need to get some drawers like these so I can store my makeup :)

    Sarah |

    1. Yeah, you should definitely get some Sarah! They're such a nice way to store makeup! x

  3. Wow, your makeup storage is so pretty :)


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  5. Your makeup collection looks so pretty! I love Muji storage :)

  6. I have a lot of Muji storage. It’s so simplistic, yet pretty. I also bought a 24 lipstick holder from Amazon which is great.

  7. These are my favourite posts to read! Gorgeous makeup collection, I love Muji :)

    Courtney x